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How to Get Your Child Interested in Fitness

Children should not spend their days sitting in front of screens and being inactive. They need to move to help their bodies and brains develop properly. Unfortunately, inactivity is exactly what our world seems to be encouraging them to do. It's important to teach kids about the benefits of fitness and to help them channel their natural energy in productive ways.

Emphasize the Benefits

Many kids don't understand the benefits of fitness activities. It's important to let them know that, besides being fun, exercise helps with physical and mental health. It will also boost confidence as kids see what their bodies are capable of and learn new skills.

Kids often make friends when they are in sports or other forms of fitness that require teams. This helps them share common interests with other kids as well as build their social skills. 

Focus on Their Interests

Don't fret if your child doesn't latch onto the first form of fitness exercise you introduce. Every child is different, and while one child may enjoy team sports, another may want to use their fitness time to engage in solo activities or events where they only compete with her own last performance. Encourage kids to try multiple forms of exercise to figure out what they enjoy. It's more likely they will make exercise a regular habit if they take pleasure in the activity.

Play is important and also counts as a workout. Find an exercise or sport that feels like play to your child. Also, don't overlook swimming when introducing workout ideas. As long as they know how to stay safe, the water can be a great, low-impact way for kids to enjoy the summer and stay fit.

Be an Example

It's not enough to tell kids that exercise is a good thing. You can set an example by working out with kids or letting your kids see you take care of your health through physical fitness. Example speaks much louder than words.

Tell kids how good you feel when you exercise, and let them see you after working out. Take pride in your accomplishments and let kids know when you try and fail so that they will know this is okay and a normal part of working out. Most kids want to do what their parents do, so having a parent who is interested in fitness and incorporates it into daily life will positively affect a child.

It's never too early or too late to get your child involved in fitness. When kids have ample opportunity for regular exercise, they reap benefits that will last their whole lives.

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