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Kids Are Always Watching — The Importance of Being a Good Example to Your Children

As a parent, you may want your children to behave in a certain way or refrain from certain things, but it's far less likely if you don't always follow your own rules. While you may be tempted to tell your kids to do as you say and not as you do, they tend to behave according to what they observe rather than what they're told. This is why it is very important to always watch the things you do around your children so that they do not pick up your worst traits. Here are a few of the bad habits that many parents exhibit and some tips on how to correct them.


Isn't it funny how you can try to get your child to recite the alphabet to no avail, but the minute you say one bad word, they are repeating it all day? Kids are like little tape recorders, so it is best to be careful what you say in front of them. Not only is the language that you use around them important, but careful wording in how you speak to children is crucial as well. Saying hurtful things to your child could affect them later in life. You should also be mindful of showing anger when you children misbehave. By controlling your own emotions, you can teach your kids how to control their emotions as they get older.


Seat belts saved 14,995 lives in 2017, so it’s important that you always put your seatbelt on in order to teach your children how vital it is to do so. Allowing your child to help with strapping themselves in is also a good way to reinforce this habit. Always using turn signals and driving the speed limit whenever you're behind the wheel can help your child develop good driving skills they'll use later on. This is especially important because teens are generally more dangerous drivers, so they need good examples to draw from.

Unhealthy Eating

It can be pretty hard to convince your kid to eat those vegetables when you never eat them yourself. It is much easier to get your child to do things that they see you do every day. Most kids want to be like their parents. If you want healthy children, you too must live a healthy lifestyle. It's better to make healthy snacks than buy junk food filled with refined carbs and saturated fat from the store. You should also give your kids a variety of healthy options to make it more likely for them to enjoy eating healthy.

One of the major benefits of being a good role model for your children is that it helps to make both them and you better. If you wouldn't want to see your child indulge in a poor diet, foul language or reckless driving, then you shouldn't display those things in your own behavior.

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