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Spring Maintenance Ideas That Make Great Chores

It is only natural to greet the coming of spring with a smile once a long and cold winter finally fades into memory. However, the abundance of sunshine that is present throughout the day will remind you of any work you neglected around your home while avoiding the cold. The beginning of spring is a great time to tackle a number of home maintenance projects. You can also use this opportunity to teach your children a little about hard work and responsibility.

Prepping the AC

Your air conditioner has more than likely been dormant for a few months once spring rolls around. This means it is time to prepare your air conditioner for the duty it will soon be called on to perform. The way your child can help prepare your air conditioner to keep your home cool throughout the spring and summer is to make sure the unit and the area around it is as clean as possible. Once all the debris is away from the unit, you can supervise as your child changes the filters and checks any ductwork that is safe for him or her to access.

Sprinkler Head Replacement

Most children of a reasonable age will not have much trouble learning to identify a damaged sprinkler head and replacing it with one that is in perfect working condition. You will likely only need to demonstrate once to your child how they can use a space to remove an old or damaged sprinkler head. Once the new head is in place, check to make sure it is functioning properly and not producing overspray. According to The Sprinkler Guy, sprinkler overspray is a common cause of higher water bills. Despite what you may have heard, watering the side of your home won't grow you a new rec room.

Storing Winter Wear

Once the days begin to grow warmer and longer, there will be clothes, coats, boots, and other accessories that you will no longer need until winter rolls around again. Once you have a designated place for these items, have your child place the unneeded items there. It is important that your child take the time to store these winter wear items and accessories in an organized fashion so that you can find what you need when the next winter season rolls around.

Fireplace Cleanup

Cleaning your fireplace is a labor-intensive job that may be best to schedule last on your schedule of spring clean-up chores. A clean fireplace will make it possible to enjoy good air quality in your home throughout the spring and summer and ensure your fireplace is in proper working condition in nine or ten months when it is needed again. According to Northeastern Chimney, this also helps to prevent house fires. Some of the tasks associated with cleaning a fireplace like clearing soot from the chimney are not suited for your child. In fact, it is probably better if you allow a professional to complete that part of the job. But your child should not experience too much difficulty while washing away the stains that were left behind by the soot, removing ashes, and wiping the hearth.

Prepare Your Lawn Equipment

Once spring arrives, it will not be much time before your lawn will need to be cut on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Before this happens, you can have your kids pull the lawn equipment from storage and prepare it for the coming workload. Your lawnmower and other tools need to be cleaned and oiled. You should also lubricate all moving parts on your lawn equipment. Finally, sharpen all blades that need it.

Check Windows

Windows that have cracks or leaks in them will allow the cool air inside your home to escape and provide warm air from outdoors with a point of entry to your home. Your home will be more comfortable, and you will save money on energy costs if you take a moment to ensure your weather stripping and caulking are intact and ready for service. Instruct your children in the proper ways to clean the window after any leaks or cracks have been fixed. A simple rag and cleaner are all that is needed. Also, never use an abrasive on a window. The risk of scratching and damaging the window is too great.

Basement Cleaning

Basements are often dark and cold places that are avoided by families during winter months. Dampness, insects, and rodents can accumulate in basements that are left unattended for long periods of time. After you and your children ensure the basement is thoroughly cleaned, check the framing and ventilation in the space.

The first days of spring are an excellent time to tackle the first of your home maintenance projects. Your child can complete some of these projects alone while others can allow you to bond with your child over a bit of hard work. The seven spring chores above are excellent for providing your child with the opportunity to earn money from their own efforts.

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