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How to Protect Your Kids in the Digital Age

In the past, children used to spend most of their time outside playing. Nowadays, the majority of kids are using technology as a way to entertain themselves. However, the internet is not always a safe place, especially for children. As a parent, it's your duty to shelter them from the dangers that the internet possesses. Here's how to protect your kids in the digital age. Talk to Them The best way to keep your children safe online is by talking to them. Open lines of communication allow both you and your child a chance to talk about what you feel is and is not OK when using the internet. You also need to set ground rules and let your child...

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What Muslim Mothers Can Do to Teach Their Children to Avoid Alcohol Use

As a Muslim mother, you want to impart the teachings and principles of Islam to your children as successfully as you can. This can get a lot harder when they grow up and have to resist peer pressure, such as the pressure to drink alcohol. You're right to be concerned, but you can still use these methods to help your children stay away from alcohol. The Power of Parental Influence While teenagers try to act like they don't care what their parents think, they actually do. Knowing that you don't like something they're doing or considering doing could cause them to change their mind about doing it. Your influence should be more than just telling them about what you don't...

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Kids Are Always Watching — The Importance of Being a Good Example to Your Children

As a parent, you may want your children to behave in a certain way or refrain from certain things, but it's far less likely if you don't always follow your own rules. While you may be tempted to tell your kids to do as you say and not as you do, they tend to behave according to what they observe rather than what they're told. This is why it is very important to always watch the things you do around your children so that they do not pick up your worst traits. Here are a few of the bad habits that many parents exhibit and some tips on how to correct them. Language Isn't it funny how you can try...

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Playground Safety Rules to Teach Your Child

As your child begins to walk and learns to play independently, they are likely to take an interest in playgrounds. Before allowing your child to play at a playground at any age, there are a few safety rules you should teach them to prevent potential injuries, accidents, or unnecessary confrontations. It’s important for your kids to play, but it’s best if they do it safely. Here are some basics you should start with.  Be Respectful of Others Children must learn how to behave respectfully in social situations, including whenever they are playing at a playground. Teach your child the importance of being respectful and kind to others. Teaching your child to remain mindful of others' space is also important before...

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Step by Step: How to Keep Your Baby Safe When They’re Learning to Walk

It's exciting to watch your child learn to walk, but it may also cause you a bit of anxiety. Keeping a child safe as they learn to walk on their own is important and takes diligence and planning. Here are a few tips to make it easier. Keep the House Clean A tidy home is a must for a child who is learning to walk. While it's not easy to keep things perfectly clean with a child underfoot, it's essential to have a plan for keeping the floors clear while they are learning to walk. To help reduce slipping hazards in your house, remove all throw rugs and keep pathways and floors clear of debris or any something they could...

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