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Nice puzzles. Hope to be without English translation

Nice puzzles 🧩

That’s what I was looking for

Elegance, precision in manufacturing and professionalism all combined into an educational piece of art

Amazing product!!!

The best

I am a childcare provider I teach Arabic and English. I always fine a high quality materials for English language teaching, for Arabic language it’s so rare and hard but when I found THINKNATTION I was so excited and happy to order and feel proud to have their high and neat quality materials in my small school because this is what the child deserves. So far I ordered 2 materials the puzzles and the tracing board. Will order more materials. Thank you

Perfect for my Students

My students love this tracing board! Even the ones who have a hard time focusing on writing will take their time to trace the arabic letters over and over again on this wooden board.
I love how elegant and natural it looks! I think that makes it more attractive to students as well!
I will definitely be ordering more tracing boards and sharing this great find to other teachers and families in this community!!!

Awesome product!

This is just an absolutely amazing product. My 4 year old grandson loves it. He just started learning the Arabic alphabet and he enjoys tracing the letters on his beautiful board. I am sure it will help me learn writing Arabic quickly.

Good product

Good quality puzzle and language equipments for Urdu and Arabic for kids. I use it for Sunday School.

Engaging toy of great quality

I bought the Arabic Tracing Board for our Preschool and it has been a hit! My son (4yo) tested it out before we took it to class, and he loved it. Students have been reading the alphabets aloud as they trace without being prompted. We can't wait to extend sensory play with this.

I would suggest adding something to connect the stylus to the board permanently. My husband drilled a small hole in the board and the stylus to connect them with a string. It's very easy to lose small objects in a kid environment, so making that upgrade would be appreciated.

Beautiful board

Beautiful and very high quality. Very please with purchase.

My son loves this!

Mashallah this is a great product with excellent design and quality. It’s easy to use and hold for little hands.

Great quality puzzle!

My daughter who has born with a rare syndrome is obsessed with puzzles and she absolutely loves this one of her Arabic alphabet! She even signs for “more” for me after we finish. The puzzle is a lot bigger than expected and great quality. Thanks so much. Make more things please!

Great product!

I got this for my 2 and a half year nephew who instantly gravitated towards it. He quickly started playing with it and learning the Arabic alphabet. Great product, good quality, and large letters make it perfect for young kids. Great, fun, and effective way to introduce Arabic

Finest quality

I had this in my shopping cart for awhile then finally snatched it up during a rare sale event! Thank God I did. It’s amazing quality was better than I even imagined. Can’t wait to start using this with my 4yo. Also bought the word builder, but holding onto it for later ;)

Amazing Product for Kids!

I bought this for my 2 year old niece so she can understand and memorize the letters of Arabic which will help when she starts to read the Quran. I think this product is great for kids so they can learn the Arabic letters in a Fun way. The customer service was great. Keep it up!
May Allah give you more Baraja in this business.

Toddler approved

My 2 year old son loves the big Arabic alphabet letters. It makes it easier to teach him when he can pick out and hold each letter for himself. Great quality.

Great quality

Kids love it, very good quality and big letters. Really helped my 3 year old identify letters of the alphabet!

So fun!!

I am so thrilled with this purchase. The letters are huge and very colorful and my 4 year old twins love playing with them. They have already started recognizing the letters. Thank you for creating this wonderful and educational product. 3 of my friends have already asked where I got them!

Good Chunky Letters but Not Good packaging

I am Muhsen Representative in Dallas and one of my teams at ICF uses this Alphabet Puzzle with students with special needs. The puzzle has its pros and cons. Pros are (1) The dots are connected and it helps a lot to keep alphabets intact. (2) They are big enough to hold. (3) Backside blackboard is helpful to write and practice - though whiteboard would have been much better.

Cons are (1) The packaging cardboard is not durable. I had to put packing tape around the corners to make it sustainable if I was to use it with the learning guide or even use the box itself. (2) The puzzle is pricey considering that it is board and alphabets in a cardboard box. Would have made sense if the Open Top learning guide was also woodenly tied with hinges making it a box which would have made it good storage too. (3) Alphabet storage is poor.

Great website and products!

I loved their website and all their educational products! Bought a very nice Alphabet and spelling puzzle and will look forward to using it to help my daughters practice Arabic spelling!

Great puzzle!

Beautiful colors and a great size puzzle that any child would love!

Great product

I bought this puzzle for my 4 year old to initiate her to Arabic. She loves it and it has become her favorite game. I would definitely recommend it. Would make great birthday gift! Great quality too.

So satisfied

Masha Allah its the best my kids really enjoy playing with it 😊

Love it!!! Alhumdulilah

This is the most perfect Arabic learning alphabet board. It’s made of wooden so very sturdy. Comes in two wrapped sets. So you can introduce one & then later the other one.
And Words are also front and back!
MashaAllah very impressed.

Excellent toy!

My 3yo loves this set. We originally had it set aside for when he was older, but he spotted it and begged for it. He immediately occupied himself for over an hour with it, proud of himself for spelling and sounding out all the words.