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Amazing product!

The large letter and beautiful bright colors make it attractive. Am going crazy about it, can wait for my little one to see them. I will highly recommend this toy to family members and friends. Jazar Allah Khairun

My Niece Loves Her Puzzle Set

I’ll be ordering more In shâ’Allâh shipping was on time I just really loved everything ordering from here BârakaAllâhu Feekum

Excellent Learning Resource

Mashallah this is a great resource for hands on and visual learning that keeps children engaged! My children are excited to learn Arabic with this puzzle and I'm learning with them too! Highly recommend!

Very useful learning toys

Absolutely useful learning toys to learn Arabic Letters and Words. My baby sister was excited when she first got the toys. These toys are very durable and would not break easily. Very reliable and delivered the toys on time. Built with high quality materials. Overall very positive feedback. Strongly recommend others to buy these toy sets.

So sturdy, it will last till your grands! :D

The poor Arabic alphabets have gone through rigorous testing by a savage toddler lol. But Alhamdulillah it has survived the water test, coloring test and numerous fall tests. We've done numerous activities with it like - tracing, color/letter matching, stamping, counting and letter recognition etc.

So many ways to play and learn Arabic

First thing I must mention is that the quality of the puzzle is outstanding. The large chunky alphabets are perfect for little hands whose fine motor skills are still developing. The size and bright beautiful colours makes it so attractive and real for the children. I can really see my daughters alphabet recognition improving since we started using the puzzles.
Helpful hint: there are loads of ways to use/ play with this puzzle!! Stamping, alphabet towers.... let your kids play/ experiment

awesome product

I am so excited about the spell and learn. We have only had it for a couple of days but my 5 year old loves to use it during our Arabic lessons, which surprised me since he's usually very reluctant to engage in any Arabic lesson.
We had a slight problem with our package when we received it, I notified the company and they were extremely accommodating, helpful and professional.

Learning Arabic is FUN

This Arabic spell and learn is perfect for my 9 year old and my 5 year old! It is so well designed. It offers my kids a fun way to learn Arabic..... which is something that is really missing. Learning Arabic needs to be fun! And this is the perfect toy for that. It has helped in improving my kids reading and understanding vocabulary. My only regret is I wish I had found thinkernation puzzles earlier!!

love it

I like how big the puzzles are, makes it easy for my little one to hold them. The colors are also very nice and bright, the plus is that it's made out of wood so non toxic which makes me feel much better.

Arabic Puzzle

Very nice puzzle. Color and materials are good quality. I used it in my kindergarten class. The kids enjoyed it tremendously.
Nice to see more of arabic hands on learning products.

Fun and Educational

I love that this Arabic Alphabet Puzzle is much bigger than other wooden puzzles, its perfect for smaller hands and less of a chocking hazard for babies. We really enjoy playing and learning with this puzzle.

Great product

I bought both puzzles and love them. The quality is great and for the spelling one, I haven’t seen anything like that before. My 8 year old loved it. And my 3 year old loved the chunky alphabet puzzle. I can’t wait until they come out with more products!

MashaAllah, amazing quality!

MashaAllah, these puzzles are fantastic and such high quality! It's hard to tell from pictures how well built these are, but I can see these lasting through my kids and still being in great shape for my grandkids, in sha Allah.

Well made

The puzzle was solid and well made. It's also quite large and has a nice packaging with transliteration of each Arabic letter to help non-arabic speakers. Highly recommend the investment. This is a product that will last long and able to pass it down to others once your child outgrows this stage. Definitely makes a great gift!

Perfect gift for kids.

Beautifully designed.. quality at its best.

Awesome tool

Being a revert Muslim and a non Arab speaker, this kind or tool are not only amazing to teach kids but adults as well. The craft of the puzzles is impeccable and very good quality. Very pleased with this product.

A great educational gift

I was looking for an educational gift for my grand kids who are 4 and 6 yr old very active boys. Most of the products I reviewed were of questionable quality and very flimsy. In my search I came upon this Arabic Alphabet Puzzle from Thinker Nation at Amazon which interested me due to it's obviously better quality, so I ordered one set each of the Arabic Alphabet Puzzle as well as the Arabic Spell And Learn. Amazon did not have the Free Shipping at that time, but I was surprised that they shipped it immediately. A few days later I noticed that the Thinker Nation Website had Free shipping, so I ordered another set of the Arabic Alphabet Puzzle and Arabic Spell and Learn. And Guess what? Both orders arrived on the same day earlier than I had expected. The product was well packed in sturdy packaging. The quality was superb, made with good durable, heavy material which will withstand the tough handling of kids. It is color coded and has numbers in English and Arabic. There are big colorful sturdy Arabic Alphabets, with a Learning Guide to help the pronunciation in the Alphabet Puzzle. The alphabets are big enough to be easily held in a child's hand. There is a blackboard included at the back of the puzzle for kids to practice writing. In the Arabic Spell And Learn there are decks of durable wooden Flash Cards with large colored pictures of items, and both Arabic and English as well as Roman Arabic words to describe them. It makes teaching and learning Arabic a lot easier and fun. I understand that the material and paint used are non-toxic,This is a perfect educational gift to give to any kid. It is also lasting due to it's high quality. I highly recommend it.

Good for learning to spell!

I used these puzzles to introduce the concept of connecting Arabic letters to my daughter. So far she has only ever been taught what individual letters look like. I think this is a perfect hands-on way to help your kids really grasp how Arabic letters connect. Thanks!

Great puzzles!

I love these puzzles! They are sturdy and can withstand lots of wear and tear. I love that they are big enough for small kids to comfortably grasp. I also enjoy the fact that the puzzle has a few features (chalkboard to practice writing, color coordinating, etc.) Just a very well-produced product. Thanks!

Love these letters!

I got these letters for my two kids for Eid and they loved it! They're learning their Arabic letters so quick. Definitely recommend!

Great product

Great product, the kids love them, looking forward to seeing more new products.

Great gift

I love this set so much , the kids love it too
I hope you make other arabic educational games like this

Love this game!

Love this game! I actually bought 2 sets of it. The kids from different age groups were interested in it. Looking forward to seeing more products from here.

Great initiative! Keep it up

Great initiative! Keep it up and try to make more Arabic toys/games of high quality please. I just ordered both puzzles available and can't wait for them to play with them with my little daughter :)

After a months of search for a perfect

After a months of search for a perfect ergonomic design of such products,I came by this shop and went for my purchase instantly.The design and thought behind the creation of these products is bound to lay a sound foundation for whoever wants to go through learning Arabic.Completely satisfied with the product and customer service. Jazaka'Allah Khairan for the service to kids of Ummah!

This is a really nice product. Well made

This is a really nice product. Well made. Came quicker than expected. Plates and pieces are high quality. The dots are separate and the plates are color coded for beginning, middle and end pieces. Fun way to pick up Arabic vocabulary. We have used the pieces outside of the puzzle to make new words as well. Kids enjoy it and play with it on their own for some time. Bought a second one for our local Islamic school.

Excellent product! ThinkerNation makes beautiful

Excellent product! ThinkerNation makes beautiful, superior quality learning tools. Great for children who are learning the Arabic Alphabet.

I got the spell arabic puzzle for my 4 year

I got the spell arabic puzzle for my 4 year old to be given in Eid celebration! the product is amazing, the design is simple and beautiful which makes the words easy to learn! no sharp edges -for little hands- the product is a bit pricey but its worth it, I personally love it ! Also, Thank you for your great customer service and for the free shipping upgrade

Love This Puzzle!!

Finally a good quality arabic puzzle!! No stickers, dots are attached and sturdy enough to take a beating. Love how chunky the pieces are. Pricey but worth it.

Thank you for your support Hafsa! We are really happy your kids are enjoying our Arabic Alphabet Puzzle! Checkout our Arabic Spell and Learn for building Arabic Vocabulary.